Boy’s Basketball Room

Designing for kids (especially older kids) can be challenging.  Sometimes what they want in a room (lime green walls, monkey bars or everything to be zebra print) isn’t always attractive practical.  We recently got a call from a mom who wanted to make her 10 year old son’s room a place he would not only love now, but one that he could easily grow into.

During the initial phone call with Mom, we uncovered some of the boy’s wants and “needs”.  One thing she told us was that he loved basketball.   In fact, he actually had a basketball goal in his room.

With that information, the challenge became to make a basketball themed room that was sophisticated enough to carry him through his teenage years and would also be appealing to Mom.  The answer….keep the main walls a neutral gray (for Mom) and have a feature wall painted to look like a giant basketball (for him).  We selected just the right color orange for the basketball and carried it around the room with athletic inspired stripes.  (Sorry, we don’t have pictures of the rest of the room.)  The thick black stripe is actually chalkboard paint (kids love it) where he and his friends can draw or write notes.  

The room was a big hit.  The boy’s reaction when he saw the basketball wall….. “AWESOME!”.  Mom was happy too!

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